Fellow Rotarians, as we enter the Thanksgiving month, I would ask that you take a moment to reflect, and be grateful, for all that God has blessed you with.  As we witness the devastation Hurricane Sandy brought to the east coast, let’s be thankful for the resilience of the American people and pray for those who lost loved ones. Let’s also remember that although the storm was deemed “the storm of the century”, and the damage is something to behold….what was mostly lost was stuff, though heart breaking, stuff can be replaced, a life cannot.

As Rotarians, we are reminded that all over the world people are suffering and getting through each day with less stuff than we have or have lost.  We need to reach out and see what we can do for the Hurricane victims, but also, what can we do for those locally and overseas that endure a life less than what it could be.

We have so much we can do to help others and I will be announcing some programs that we can get involved with locally. Since the beginning of my term, I’ve been talking about getting us involved internationally…. Well Tim Bryan has taken the lead and in the near future will be talking about an international program our Rotary club can get behind both with dollars and hands on work.

My central theme has been “let’s get busy”; well its time!

As we reflect and are thankful for the blessings we have received, let’s also search our hearts and see how we can give back as an individual and Rotary club. We will have two local opportunities, an international opportunity, a new fundraiser for Memorial Day, and others.

Soooo if you feel the prompting, please feel free and let me know – because I will be asking.

Have a very blessed month and Thanksgiving.