Well here we are in another Ohio winter.  One day it's 6 degrees and bitter cold and a couple of days later, 60 degrees and spring is in the air.  The cycles of an Ohio winter are a lot like the cycles we go through as Rotarians.  Our passions to get involved and be an energetic member of the club and community, for a time are hot.  Then, as time passes, our passion cools off and we revert to going through the motions...show up for a meeting, have lunch, listen to a speaker and then back to our jobs.  We all go through this cycle.  The key is to try and keep the warmer passion lasting longer than the cool.  In the coming months we have several projects that all Rotarians can get involved with and heat that passion back up.

Coming in April we will have an opportunity to serve families who had family members give the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

Tim is working hard on an international project for Sustainable Cambodia that you can get involved with.

I'm look for volunteers to help me put together a Memorial weekend flag fundraising event.  Planning with start this month.

Three opportunities to get hands on involvement and to turn that cool into warm/hot passion again!