Suzanne Lewis-Johnson resigned as an FBI Special Agent to become RAHAB’s CEO in 2018.  She brought a vision of growing RAHAB’s programming locally and partnering with communities throughout the United States to replicate RAHAB broadly, so that in the land of the free everyone can truly be free.
The key to any success in Suzanne’s life is summed up in the last four words of the oath she took to become an FBI Agent, “so help me God.”
In the FBI, Suzanne led cases that made headlines, coordinated a Child Exploitation Task Force that addressed violent crimes against children in ten Ohio counties, and led a human trafficking investigation The FBI Story recognized as one of the FBI’s top cases of 2014.
With her Women’s Advisory Committee colleagues, she received the 2017 Director’s Award for Excellence from FBI Director Christopher Wray.
Already a frequent speaker on behalf of the FBI, in the spring of 2018 Suzanne received FBI Headquarters’ endorsement to become FBI adjunct faculty and teach classes as an FBI subject expert on Human Trafficking, Civil Rights and Violent Crimes Against Children.  Suzanne also participated in one of twelve Anti-trafficking Coordination Teams (ACTeams) in the United States, which the U.S. Attorney General and other Federal Agency heads at the Cabinet level created to investigate sex and labor trafficking.